Wine Australia encourages links from other sites.

Policy on linking to the Savour Australia 2013 website:

At the discretion of Wine Australia, information for posting on other sites may be provided upon request. Any such material is not likely to be complete sections of Wine Australia documents but introductions to further information available from Wine Australia. In this sense it will be provided subject to a link to the Wine Australia website being associated with the material in quesion.

At the discretion of Wine Australia, the Wine Australia logo can be used by a linking site provided it is used to link to Wine Australia. Use of the logo cannot imply the user's organisation is promoting Australian wine because this use is subject to licensing arrangements. When using the Wine Australia logo to illustrate a link, conditions apply to the way it is displayed (contact Wine Australia for these conditions).

Wine Australia will provide any text required to augment the logo or to accompany the link.

No Wine Australia endorsement of an external site should be implied by a link to the Wine Australia website.