Wine Australia is an Australian Government statutory authority established in 1981 to provide strategic support to the Australian wine sector.

Its mission is: To enhance the operating environment for the benefit of the Australian wine industry by providing the leading role in: market development; knowledge development; compliance; and trade.

Our core responsibilities include:

  • Export regulation and compliance
  • Domestic and international wine promotion
  • Wine sector information and analysis
  • Maintaining the integrity of Australia's wine labels and winemaking practices
  • Defining the boundaries of Australia's wine producing areas; and
  • Assisting with negotiations with other countries to reduce trade barriers.
  • Wine Australia's primary stakeholder is the Australian Government. Other principal stakeholders are wine and brandy producers, who pay the Wine Grapes Levy, and exporters, who pay the Wine Export Charge.

Wine Australia is headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, and operates international Wine Australia offices in the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, the UK, Ireland and Japan.