Benefits for full admission international and domestic trade are:

The ultimate Australian wine experience

  • Experience wines that exemplify Australia’s ultimate wine offerings through Landmark Australia wine tastings and tutorials.
  • Taste Australia’s diverse and high quality wines alongside sumptuous Australian cuisine at Landmark Australia wine tastings, lunches, dinners and networking events.
  • Discover new Australian wines to add to your wine lists.
  • Enjoy food and wine dining experiences,  wine tastings, business sessions, networking and access to the Savour Lounges throughout the forum.

Profiting from Australian wines

  • Hear from some of the world’s leaders in chain and online retail, consumer engagement, consumer preferences and global trends and learn how you can profit from them.
  • Understand Australia’s positioning within the domestic and international wine markets and business opportunities for Australian wine in your market through informative business sessions and learn how to profit from Australian wine.
  • Get the latest insights on wine trends from some of the world’s top wine professionals including highly respected sommeliers, food and beverage specialists from hotels and retailers.
  • Connect with and meet some of Australia’s leading winemakers and the world’s most respected wine professionals and share knowledge with leaders in your channels.
  • Challenge your perceptions about Australian wine through myth busting business sessions and Landmark Australia wine tastings.
  • Explore the opportunities the Australian category presents and discover new styles.
  • Uncover analysis and insights relevant to your market as part of market specific business sessions.

The new direction in wine promotions

  • Global food, wine and travel campaign: Better understand how Wine Australia and Tourism Australia will be promoting Australian wine and food internationally in 2014 in a major consumer promotion and how to benefit from it.

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