What is it?

The Entry to Market Lounge is a fully serviced networking lounge that provides the opportunity for Australian wine producers to meet with importers and distributors from global wine markets. This is not a tasting booth/tasting area: it is a shared meeting space designed to facilitate business development meetings.

This highly visible lounge will be situated in the heart of Savour Australia 2013 and will be open throughout the forum. It will have high traffic during session breaks, and will be heavily publicised before and during the forum to maximise opportunities.

Who has access to the Lounge?

Each Australian wine producer with a full admission ticket can use the lounge and its associated services. 

How does the Business Matching service work?

  1. Upon registering for Savour, each individual producer will be asked “Are you interested in meeting with Importers and Distributors (buyers) that are looking to expand their Australian portfolios?” 
  2. If you answer yes to this question, Wine Australia will be in contact with you to request information about your business that is relevant to prospective buyers. 
  3. Buyers will also be required to submit information about the types of wines they are interested in purchasing. 
  4. Once Wine Australia has sourced both producer and buyer information, Wine Australia will facilitate the appropriate introductions. 

Please note: Wine Australia will provide a business matching service based upon the information provided by buyers and producers, however, the meeting time/date must be confirmed directly between the producer and the buyer.

Wine Australia’s contact details and booking facility will be provided for buyers and producers to book meeting time and space in the Entry to Market Lounge.

The serviced Lounge

The lounge is a relaxed, café style setting with shared tables and chairs for meetings and will be fully managed by a dedicated concierge service team.
  • The team will manage pre-booked meetings and allocate the meeting tables.
  • The team will manage “on-the-spot” meeting requests by accessing contact details for both producer and buyer, should meetings be requested without pre-bookings.
  • The team will ensure the lounge is serviced with refreshments, and is managed within the time to the scheduled time tables.
  • A facility will be available to store small amounts of collateral.
  • Free WiFi will be available in the lounge and within the rest of the Savour forum venue.
Please note: this is not a tasting area, however, the lounge will facilitate the sampling of a maximum of 2 SKUs as a part of the meeting service. This wine can be stored as a part of the service (max. 4 bottles in total) and white wines can be refrigerated upon request. Limited glassware and spittoons will be available.

How do I get my wines to the lounge?

For the Entry to Market lounge ONLY: We request producers bring their samples with them to Savour, and register these samples at the Lounge Concierge desk on the Monday morning.

What other services and facilities will be provided in the Lounge?

Wine Australia will have a dedicated meeting space which will include the following:
  • Information on compliance or regulatory issues.
  • Information on marketing activity across North America, Europe, Asia, Emerging Markets and Australia.
  • Market information.
  • Supply data.
  • Representatives from Wine Australia’s global offices.

Austrade will also have a presence at in the lounge, to provide information relating to export markets, grants and assistance, and expanding your business outside Australia.

What are the opening times for the Entry to Market Lounge?

Monday - 9am - 5pm
Tuesday – 9am - 5pm
Wednesday – Closed. Meetings to occur in the ‘chill out’ lounge.