Will there be an opportunity for state and regional bodies to showcase their wine regions?

Yes. Savour 2013 provides a number of partnership opportunities for state and regional wine bodies to showcase their wine regions and unique wines through the pre/post VIP regional visitor program, through state-themed dinners, which will be held on the Monday evening of the program and through the Grand Tasting, which will be held on the final day of the program.

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What are the benefits for an Australian state or regional body to get involved?

A full admission ticket provides a range of benefits for Australian wine producers including the opportunity to connect one-on-one with the world’s leading wine trade, the opportunity to show your wines to an influential audience of wine trade and media and access to all the business sessions for the latest cutting edge insights from global leaders in retailing, digital and social marketing, pricing, supply and demand, global trends, distribution and consumer behaviour.

The ticket packages provide an opportunity for regional and state wine bodies to promote their wines and wine regions.

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How can regional wine bodies get involved?

There are a number of ways state and regional wine bodies can get involved in Savour 2013 by:

  • Working in collaboration with the wineries in your region to promote your region’s wines and wineries.
  • Working with your state bodies to ensure your region and wines are well represented throughout the forum including at the state themed dinners on the Monday night of the program.
  • Driving collaboration among wineries in your region to enable smaller, less-resourced wineries to get involved and have an opportunity to be on show at Savour Australia 2013. This can be done buying a package or encouraging wineries from your region to buy tickets individually. By purchasing a package you can extend the opportunity for the wineries in your region to showcase your region’s wines throughout the forum’s tastings, lunches and dinners including the Grand Tasting.
  • Participating in the pre/post VIP regional visit program, which provide the opportunity to showcase your regions and wines to 100 VIP trade and media delegates. Click here for details.